An extraordinary story

based on real events
— over 1200 years ago…


— 1200年前…


China's greatest beauty, Lady Yang, is exiled after confronting her adulterous husband – the Emperor’s son.

寿王,唐代玄宗帝之子,杨贵妃夫君. 在杨贵妃与寿王争执其通奸之事后,受令出家.


Fate draws the Emperor to visit Lady Yang, where he is captivated by her dancing and besotted with her beauty. He instals her into his colorful court, neglecting crucial affairs of state and allowing jealousy and conspiracy to thrive.

唐玄宗在巡访道观时, 却被已出家的杨贵妃美色迷住. 之后,唐玄宗将杨贵妃召入后宫. 唐玄宗从此沉溺于贵妃美色,却浅谈朝政.


As Lady Yang begins to return his love, the distracted Emperor awards key positions to An Lushan, a barbarian soldier. When the treacherous An then leads a rebellion against the dynasty, the Emperor and Lady Yang are forced to flee.

当杨贵妃开始对唐玄宗开始产生爱意之时, 野军将士安禄山, 开始得到疏于朝政的唐玄宗信任和封位. 当野军叛乱朝政后, 唐玄宗与杨贵妃被逼逃亡.


Lady Yang is blamed for the rebellion by the imperial guards who demand her execution. To save the Emperor she loves, and the Tang Dynasty, Lady Yang makes the ultimate SACRIFICE.

当朝禁军皆认为安史之乱因杨贵妃而起, 为稳唐玄宗帝王之位,以及整个大唐皇朝, 杨贵妃带罪自尽.

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